Having 2500 islands you can imagine you have come to the ideal destination for yachting. It is true that no matter what your vessel might be you will enjoy the sea and the sun to the maximum. Not only you can explore, dive and relax but you can test the different taste each island has to offer. Mainly Athens but many of the islands also have advanced marina services that are ready to welcome you and provide sufficient services. The Greek seas and coasts, with their many comparative advantages, have made yachting a very popular activity, among both the Greek people and foreign visitors. A trip on the calm Greek waters, on your own or a chartered yacht, offers you the possibility to sail among extremely beautiful clusters of islands, to anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim with safety in exceptionally clear and transparent waters.


Before arriving in Greece on your own vessel bearing a foreign flag, you should obtain information on the basic regulations in force concerning entry and exit, as well as the formalities required. Greece is a member of the EU and the same stands for her waters. Entering in Greek waters means that you will be responsible for having the credentials at all times concerning either you are a charterer or you are a private. Private yachts with a non EU flag have the possibility to stay within EU waters for not more than 185 days per year and the same stands for their users as well. Bear in mind that if you own a yacht and the tax is paid then you are allowed to stay for as long as you wish. However as in most EU countries special taxes may apply if you decide to stay for more than some time (in Greece this is supposed to be 60 days).


In Greece during the summer you will notice hundreds of sailing boats that are mailnly chartered. Sailing activity is a big part of the tourism activity entering Greece and most yachtsmen are used and welcomed in a very friendly manner to a very friendly enviroment. Of course not only charter boats sail the Greek seas. As someone can imagine the number of private boats is again high with a lot of oqners being captains themselves. Private or Charter there is no doubt that Greece can provide you with thousands of locations to visit and will definetely keep up to your your expectations..

Have a look to our various proposals for visiting Greece by a boat. This is considered to be by far the best way to discover the magic sea and incredible atmosphere. Definetely the ideal vacation!