With an intimate knowledge of the Eastern Mediterranean’s most luxurious crewed yachts and a vast network of bases, the company is ready to provide high quality service and tailor made assistance. YACHTIME professionals are ready to help you select the best charter yacht for your needs and assist you with every step of your cruise from beginning to end. With our support you can relax and enjoy the appealing diversity of more than 2000 Greek islands, the allure of the Turkish coast and the unique charm of Croatia.

Gourmet dinners? Intimate beach picnics? Sightseeing? We’ll create a personal cruising itinerary just for you. We invite you to explore the Greek paradise through our luxurious and numerous available floating resorts..

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Chartering a crewed yacht is an unforgetable experience. Either a sandy beach with pure white sands or the view of the volcano on the side of the sunset. This is not a dream, this can be reality. The ability to explore the worlds most stunning locations and the freedom of choice combined together make crewed yacht chartering the ultimate vacation experience. The comparison is like holding the keys of the door of paradise. And yes, you have the ability to visit places unspoiled and undiscovered. Remote islands, hidden locations and secret dive sites will arm your experience and the most romantic honey moon escapes along with the most glamorous island atmosphere will unlock new feelings and visions. Please have a look at our specialised sections for information concerning the procedure, the benefits and the horisons crewed yacht chartering has to offer!