Skippered Charters

There are numerous reasons for which different types of sailors may choose to sail with a skipper.

A skippered yacht charter is ideal for those who are not experienced sailors but still want to enjoy the most out of sailing and improve their sailing skills at the same time. Α deck-hand can help yacht’ s handling if the guests are not to assist and a cook / steward can take care of breakfasts and light meals is an add-on, upon request. We can provide a list of beautiful destinations to choose from so you can enjoy yachting holidays without having to worry about anything else but the choice of which beach to visit next.. And for the time you will be moored and ready for your visits to these beautiful islands your experienced captain will serve as a database guide to the secrets of each port and islands. Suggesting unique restaurants, bars or providing information for monuments and ancient territories you would want to visit.

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skiperedA sailor could spend years sailing Greece and discovering not only new inlets, bays and islands but whole new areas stretching from the Aegean in the east to the Adriatic in the west. There are a lot of experienced sailors that sometimes prefer just to relax and enjoy the most out of their vacation without having the total responsibility of the yacht or the crew. In this case the skipper takes the responsibility of sailing the passengers to unique locations and explore this magnificent area.

Skippered charters could combine sailing lessons as well. We can arrange for sailing courses to be provided simultaneously with your weekly charter. In addition it is possible to arrange a skipper that could speak your language so you could communicate easier if this could be of interest. In any case you will have the opportunity to get the most out of the Captains knowledge both for Greece but for your sailing skills as well.

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skip2An additional possibility when hiring a skipper is that you can have the boat return to your departure destination on time even if you are not willing to return back. This has a prerequisite of your disembarkation at a time earlier than your normal one and equal to the time that the skipper would need to return the boat back to the arrival destination. The reason for this possibility is that either you are having a very nice time and you want to extend you holidays in an island or you are not in a mood of returning back onboard due to sea sickness. In this case you can leave your luggage onboard and pick them up from our base before your return flight. The cost of a skipper is 150 Euros/day and you have the ability as written above for a hostess as well with another 140 Euros/day. Just by hiring these 2 persons you will transform your charter to crewed and increase your relaxing time but knowledge as well.

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