Ownership Program

Exclusive Yachting Services through a global network

When your yacht is managed by us, you will arrive to an unrivalled yacht surrounded by professionals that will be there to support you 24 hours on a 7 day basis no matter when or where you need them. We are boat owners ourselves with one and only focus: To think as clients and act as professionals.

Our commitment is to meet your needs, as an owner, but as a charterer as well. We have a very specific business plan which allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a boat without any other involvement. We give you the opportunity to choose among the most competitive boat builders providing this way a variety of choices depending on your standards.

As YACHTIME Owner you receive the following benefits:

Sailing Time

You enjoy up to 4 weeks of sailing each year.

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Talk to one of our representatives now to discuss your thoughts and needs. We are here to discuss everything under this competitive market.

Zero Operating Expenses

As our management owner you pay NO operating expenses. We take care of everything, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more. It truly is worry-free yacht ownership.

Professional Maintenance

Your yacht will be maintained to the most professional standards in the industry at no cost to you. All work will be performed by our own team of high end staff in accordance with our precise guidelines. You are more than welcome to visit our boats anytime to see the quality we are offering


We are in cooperation with third party financing institutions in each market. Financing options vary from country to country. Talk to one of our representatives who will explain the financing in detail.

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The program covers six high seasons depending on the location of the yacht. We are here to discuss your further allowance or your early exit from the program.


If you feel that you have explored the maximum of your vessel we are here to discuss you new choice. A trade in is welcome as a replacement of your new boat

Brokerage Support

At the end of the program you can keep your yacht or choose to sell it. We have various brokerage offices around the world who will gladly assist you in the marketing of your yacht for resale and will assure a seamless transition.

Do you see chartering business as an investment? With the fixed yearly revenue you get a 8% return to your investment fixed each and every year for a period of 4 years. On top you can sail up to 4 weeks per year with your sailing boat or catamaran.

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Do you want to become a boat owner and pay just a fraction of the cost? With our program you only pay the 55% of the total value of the boat and after 6 seasons the boat is 100% yours since all liabilities have been paid by the charters. Learn more.

Every year we schedule the available boats for our programs. For 2012 we can apply our offers to brand new but also second hand boat as well. Learn more